They include flitch, tails, and flitching boards. Flitch is the first board that is obtained in the process of sawing into boards. It can be only half-sawn or not sawn at all.

Chopped firewood
The most popular type of firewood.      

To fire the wood is a science that our ancestors knew, and which, unfortunately, has been partially lost. Despite the fact that you can do without firewood, there are plenty of those, who uphold the traditions of the Russian bath, tend to sit by the fireplace, and also like to cook delicious meals on grill. Without the aromatic smell of smoke, dishes lose the scent that only gourmets can appreciate.
Trims in boxes

Includes smaller waste after wood processing, with a small amount of bark, packaged in flitch boxes with the dimensions of 1200x1200x1500mm


This category includes the lumpy and longitudinal trims after processing unedged board into the edging one.


Our company sells sawdust gotten from sawn wood of coniferous (pine) and deciduous (ash, maple) breeds of natural humidity.

They are considered to be waste in the woodworking industry, but they are widely used in: 

  • production of pellets and briquettes for heating
  • in equestrian sports complexes
  • in garden farms
  • when cleaning technical surfaces
  • to obtain mulch

as a filler for transportation, as insulation and a means of preserving the product in integrity